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Actors Jumpstart University
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Who is Actors Jumpstart?

Actors Jumpstart is the #1 Community for actors on planet earth! We help actors activate their careers, book paid work and sign with the best representation! Join a family of actors who have goals just like you & elevate your connections with our top industry guests!

Why You Should Join Actors Jumpstart?

We offer 2-3 e classes monthly with professional Film & Tv Executives in Hollywood

You get accountability on your goals in a community of winners who are making progress in their acting career!

We have production services to level up your branding & personal image!

Network with actor bosses around the world

Level up action plans & challenges

Masterclasses with TOP industry Executives

“You feel welcomed, seen and heard”

“All Truth, No Fluff”

“Great Tips From Netflix Director”

Here Are Some of Our Past Guest Speakers!